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Inlays and onlays are larger dental fillings that are placed indirectly on a tooth as opposed to being place inside the opening where the decay was drilled out.

Teeth that have cracks and chips in them can be fixed by covering them with veneers and then we can work on your periodontal disease.

Changing the size of your teeth or the shape or the color is easy when you have a full moth restoration done in our office.

Sometimes orthodontic devices like retainers can cause an irritation in your mouth, similar to the one you would get from braces.

After your bonding process is complete and the new tooth matches your other teeth, it is polished to match the finish of your other teeth.

Before you call for an appointment with our dental professionals, be sure you have your dental insurance information handy.

Whitening your teeth is something you should do because you never know when someone will pull out their cell phone and take your picture.

If you have red gums that appear to be infected, you may need to take an antibiotic before our dentists can treat you.

Tooth colored ceramic or resin are the products that are generally used when placing a dental onlay or inlay.

Our dental staff can take care of installing crowns or in the event you have no root, we can install implants for you.

Periodontal disease can be prevented if you follow good dental hygiene practices which include brushing and flossing. Using a whitening toothpaste every day may not be a good idea if you already have weakened enamel on your teeth.

03/09/17 11:42:33 PM

Having crooked teeth or teeth that are crowded and out of place is that it can be embarrassing when you smile.

03/08/17 10:21:06 PM

If you're too embarrassed of your yellowed teeth to even smile, make an appointment for a dental cleaning and whitening treatment in our office.

03/07/17 08:50:59 AM

Dental braces are not always the ugly wires they used to be since clear aligners were invented to replace them.

03/06/17 08:10:54 AM

We are a dental facility that handles porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and tooth bonding for adults.

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